Our Process


We will meet with you at the beginning of the project to determine your needs and target audience. We will work together to determine project goals and the anticipated project timeline. During the project, we will continue to consult on the project design and direction.

Project Management

The Project Manager is responsible for maintaining the project schedule and all deliverables, including weekly project goal tracking, client content delivery and feedback, milestones, and overall project guidance. The Project Manager works closely with the rest of the Project Team to coordinate and complete all elements such as art options, concept delivery and approval, testing, and implementation.

Art Direction

The Art Director defines the overall look and feel of the website, including navigation design, font type selection, and color theme. These design requirements are then communicated to the Design Team. The Art Director works with the Design Team to create the website concepts, solicits Client feedback, and finalizes the website design.


The Design Team works with the Art Director to develop a select number of conceptual pages for review and approval by the Client. Once the concept is approved, the design phase is complete, and the Design Team develops the final page layouts.


The Lead Developer will develop all HTML and CSS for the website. All CSS and structuring will be based on direction defined by the Design Team.

PHP or ASP.NET Programming

Website programming is handled by the Lead Programmer and the Programming Team. The Programming Team determines required functionality and related project goals. Integration into third party APIs or Web Services is handled by the Programming Team as needed. The Programming Team handles all database communications.

Quality Control

Our team will conduct a thorough quality review by testing website features and functionality. Testing is performed in conjunction with Client testing. Errors in content or functionality will be corrected prior to project completion.

Testing and Deployment

Before putting the website into production, it will be tested on every browser type and version (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, etc) to ensure proper functionality. After browser and Quality Control tests are completed, the Client will approve the final website and FirmDesign will establish a Final Production Milestone date. Once final payment has been received, the website will be moved into the final production environment.